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  • Gauja National Park Footbridge, Gauja National Park in Vidzeme Latvia, International Design Competition, short-listed and published on the website.

        - Victory Bridge

        - Sandwich

        - Long Span Deep Box Beam

  • Hinman Research Building Courtyard Installation, a Team-taught design-build workshop with Scott Marble, Russell Gentry, and Jake Thompson. This project spanned three semesters, resulted in three related projects, and included 25 students.                                                                                                  - AIA South Atlantic Region AIA, 2019 Student Design Awards.

        - AIA Georgia Design and Honor Awards, 2019 Student Design Awards.

        - AIAS and AGA. Studio/Made Competition, August 20, 2018.

  • Folly/Function, competition to design a shade structure, sponsored by Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League of New York, in association with Matt Peterka, shortlisted, and included in the catalog.

  • “Incremental Urbanism: The Auto and the Pedestrian Reconsidered in Greyfield Reclamation-Atlanta, Georgia”, with Michael Gamble, Environmental Design Research Association Research Award.

  • “Incremental Urbanism: The Auto and the Pedestrian Reconsidered in Greyfield Reclamation-Atlanta, Georgia”, with Michael Gamble, Architecture for Social Justice Award: Partnerships in Teaching, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and Adaptive Environments - $1,000, Michael Gamble, W. Jude LeBlanc.

  • Ellis House, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, ACSA National Design Award.

  • Baton Rouge Cimetière, in association with Brian Andrews, 1999 Unbuilt Architecture Awards.  From the juror's comments:  "Houses and memorials continue to be dominant in the sheer number of submissions and always capture the jury's eye. The metaphorical aspect of the program and the scale of these projects typically result in designs that clearly express the author's intentions, design skills, and project solutions. Brian Andrews' and Jude LeBlanc's emotional "Baton Rouge Cimetiere" clearly was best of the show in this group." 

  • Two Scupper Houses or The Shotgun and Dogtrot Revisited, in association with Brian D. Andrews.

     -Progressive Architecture Awards Citation, published in Architecture, April 1999. 

     -First presented at the ACSA Northeast Regional meeting at Rodger Williams University in Bristol,            Rhode Island where it was voted the best design paper at the conference, in 1997. 

     -ACSA Annual Meeting, 1997, ACSA National Design Award.  (Harvard University)

     -Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Award, 1997.

  • Wall Housing/Three Prototypes, in association with Brian D. Andrews.                                             - Housing the Next 10 Million Competition, Honorable Mention, 1999.  Sponsored by the   California AIA, an international competition related to growth in California's  Central Valley. 

  • Wall Housing/Mask and Perimeter Prototypes, in association with Brian D. Andrews.

        - Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture, Honorable Mention, Mall/Wall Housing. 

  • Wall Housing/Highway Prototype, in association with Brian D. Andrews.

       -ACSA Annual Meeting, 1995, ACSA National Design Award.

       - Japan Architect/Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition (theme: Simplicity/Complexity),               Third Place, Jean Nouvel, judge, 1995.   

  • "Fifty from Fifty", exhibition and catalog, the objective of which is "to recognize 50 University of Houston graduates over the past 50 years that have maintained the College's commitment to excellence…" The University of Houston, School of Architecture, Houston, TX.       

  • Public Space in the New American City, Expressway Clock, Atlanta, Design Competition, Honorable Mention, Atlanta, GA.              

  • Free Bridge and Rivanna Waterfront Development, in association with Ellen Dunham-Jones.  The Virginia Society of the AIA, 1993 Design Award. ​

  • Giant Outdoor Chess Set Design Competition, sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects/AIA & The GAMES Project, First Prize, Boston, MA. 

  • "Two (2) Projects @ Two (2) Scales, (Clothes Hanger and Towards ANOTHER GLASS HOUSE (inverted) (in green)", Annual Meeting, in association with Starling Keene, Charleston, SC.  ACSA Special Mention.

  • Clothes Hanger, Inform Awards, Merit Award, Inform, quarterly design magazine published by the Virginia Institute of Architects, 1992.  Regional/state-wide design award. 

  • Clothes Hanger, in association with Starling Keene.

       Design Explorations: 2001, Metropolis/Parsons School of Design Furnishing Competition,                                 furniture design was chosen for prototyping, Winning Entry, in association with Starling                                     Keene. Prototypes of winning entries were fabricated by professional furniture fabricators. 

  • Memorial to Women in Military Service for America, National Design Competition, Honorable Mention, Dunham-Jones and LeBlanc Architects, Washington D. C.

  • Cross Bayou Waterfront Development Design Competition, First Prize, 72-acre mixed-use development on edge of CBD single and multi-family housing, retail, commercial, office, and recreational park, Shreveport, LA, in association with Christopher Coe, Shreveport, LA.

  • The Young Architects Forum, at The Architectural League, Marriage Bed, Winning Entry, furniture design, presentation of juried work, in association with Sophia Gruzdys, NewYork, NY. 

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